Levy LaRocque, located in a 19th century, renovated textile factory in Easthampton, Massachusetts, has been part of Cottage Street Studio's since 1986. Their work features the design collaboration between ceramic artist Marcia LaRocque, and woodworker David Levy. Together, Marcia and David designed, painted, and created home furnishings, custom woodworking and hand painted Maiolica tile and pottery. The unique combination of Maiolica tile inlaid into beautiful hardwoods, has been an important design element in Levy LaRocque home furnishings, whether it be table top items, mirrors, furniture, or giftware. 

Marcia LaRocque and David Levy feature their final offering of home furnishings with this website. After 34 productive years, Levy LaRocque tile studio is closing.  We will not be accepting custom tile, ceramic ware, or tile and wood orders going forward, although David continues to maintain his woodworking shop, and is happy to speak with you about a future wood project. Thank you dear customers, for your continuous support throughout the years. We truly appreciate it! 


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